Refrigerant 101: How Your AC Cools Your Home

The temperatures are finally starting to heat up in Dallas, so we wanted to take this time to highlight an important part of air conditioning—refrigerant. Refrigerant is one of those things that many homeowners are aware of but don’t often understand. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system. If you understand how this aspect of your AC works then you’ll understand the system as a whole a lot better.

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What is Refrigerant

We need to start from the bottom up if you’re going to understand refrigerant so first, we’ll talk about what refrigerant actually is. Refrigerant is a term that refers to a chemical blend inside your air conditioner. This chemical can shift easily in between liquid and gaseous states which allows it to absorb and release heat—this is how it’s capable of cooling down your home on those hot summer days.

So how does your AC utilize this refrigerant? Well your AC pumps the refrigerant through the coils in the unit. Air flows over these coils and cools off on contact. The then cooled air is pushed into your venting system and circulated in your home providing you with much-needed relief during these Texas summers.

You Shouldn’t “Run Out” of Refrigerant

We get a lot of calls from homeowners claiming that their refrigerant has “run out” and that they need a refill. The thing about refrigerant is that it should never run out. Many people have an eroneous conception of refrigerant and assume that the levels dwindle like the oil in a car. If your air conditioning system is healthy your refrigerant will remain at the same level throughout the lifetime of your air conditioner. The only time you’ll see the levels of refrigerant drop off is if leaks occur in your air conditioning system. If this happens then you should call a professional from our team as soon as possible. Low refrigerant is a real nuisance in your home—it lowers the cooling ability of your air conditioner and can severely damage different parts of your AC system like the compressor.

Don’t DIY!

If you’ve noticed that the charge of your air conditioner’s refrigerant has dropped then you need to call a professional. Refrigerant is something that needs very specific fill levels. It also has to be handled with immense care. If you’re trying to perform these services on your own because you want to save a few bucks we understand, keeping a home cool in Dallas can be very expensive. That’s why we only hire the best technicians in the area to provide you with superior service.

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May 6, 2019 | Categories: Air Conditioning

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