Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services in all DFW metroplex

Can you imagine having no air conditioning in our summer heat? Thank goodness you don’t have to bear with that. CityLine Air Conditioning has the air conditioning solutions you need, and we also provide excellent financing options and accept all major credit cards. Whether it’s a quick AC repair, a possible system replacement, or a routine maintenance session, we will make sure you are satisfied with the work we do. Contact us today to if you are in need of:

Our technicians have been servicing air conditioners in all DFW metroplex for many years, and we know just what to do to find the right fix for your home. We service all makes and models and offer an excellent maintenance package to keep your systems in the best shape possible.

Contact our team today to work with a company that cares about your comfort.


Central Air Conditioner Services

We install standard split central air conditioners from top brands in all sizes for homes in all DFW metroplex area. These are air conditioners with a blower unit hidden inside the home, a set of ductwork to distribute air, and an outdoor condenser unit to compress refrigerant and exhaust heat.

We can help you find an air conditioner with a high efficiency rating, so that you don’t have to worry about high monthly costs, even with our summer heat. Contact us to start on your installation today!

Heat Pump Services

We also install heat pumps, which, to the surprise of many customers, are actually split central air conditioners! The only difference is the reversing valve, which allows it to use refrigerant (a chemical blend) for both heating and air conditioning.

Since refrigeration is essentially the process of heat exchange, a heat pump simply allows heat to move into a home and not just out of it. This is a highly efficient source of electric heat and great for cooling as well!

Schedule Routine AC Maintenance

Routine air conditioning service is recommended for all cooling systems, even those that are fairly new. This AC service prevents problems from occurring with an air conditioner, so you can have peace of mind as your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool in a hot climate.

Routine HVAC maintenance may also help to lower your bills, allowing your system to run more smoothly and efficiently. You can save money in other ways with our Healthy Air Conditioner Club; just contact our team for more information.

Trust Qualified HVAC Technicians

We’re here when you need us for any air conditioning service, whether you need a capacitor replaced or sealing along the refrigerant line. We will quickly diagnose the problem so we can get that repair completed ASAP, but we will also let you know what we are doing so you can make the final approval before any work starts.

Repairing an air conditioner or installing a new one is not a job for a handyman or your neighbor who’s great at DIY projects. Air conditioners are complex pieces of equipment that technicians train on for years in order to recognize and properly approach problems. You need someone with the right training for the job (who’s also licensed to work with refrigerant)! Contact CityLine Air Conditioning to set up your AC service in all DFW metroplex.

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