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Can you imagine a world in which your air conditioning system would work just as intended, all of the time? A world in which air conditioning repair in all DFW metroplex would be completely unnecessary due to the 100% reliability of all air conditioning systems? If you can, congratulations—you’ve got a great imagination, because the real world is nothing like this! The fact is that your AC will run into trouble at some point.

When it does, you want the professional AC repair technicians at CityLine Air Conditioning on your side.  We know just how to diagnose and resolve any problems that you may encounter with your air conditioner. In a climate as hot as ours, a broken down air conditioner is not just an inconvenience causing discomfort. It can be dangerous. With our air conditioning repair services, your system will be put back on the right track promptly.

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When to Schedule Air Conditioning Repairs

As a general rule, the best time to schedule AC repair services is the moment you recognize that there is a problem to begin with. Unfortunately, this can sometimes translate into a longer gestation period for that problem than would be ideal. Many homeowners simply don’t recognize the warning signs of potential air conditioning problems, or they fail to prioritize repairs as they believe the problem to be “minor”.

This is precisely why we say that no air conditioning problem can really be considered “minor”! Sure, there are certain problems that do pose a more serious threat,  or at least a more immediate threat, to your air conditioner than others.  That being said, any problem with your AC is deserving of prompt attention. Contact us if you notice any of the following warning signs in your home.

    • Unusually high energy costs during the cooling season.
    • Unusually loud sounds coming from your AC during operation.
    • Hot spots popping up throughout your home.
    • Short cycling, in which your AC  starts up and shuts back down rapidly.
    • Ice on the evaporator coil and/or refrigerant lines.
    • Water surrounding the unit, indicating issues with condensate drainage.
    • Warm air blowing from your vents (it doesn’t have to be hot, just warm!).

Routine AC Maintenance: Minimize the Risk

Nobody wants to run into trouble with their air conditioners during the hottest time of the year, which is why you need to prepare your AC for service each and every year! How do you do that? With a professional air conditioning tune–up, that’s how. Air conditioning maintenance is a more involved process than many homeowners realize, and it includes (but is not limited to) the following.

    • A thorough cleaning of all components, including coils and electrical contacts.
    • Lubrication of all moving parts.
    • Checking components such as capacitors and thermostats for proper function.
    • Measuring electrical current/voltage.
    • Checking refrigerant levels.
    • Tightening loose screws and mountings.
    • Checking motors.

Just because your official AC maintenance needs to be completed professionally doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to help your system succeed, though. Simply changing your air filter every 1–3 months and keeping the outdoor unit clean will help to protect your system and optimize its performance.  If you have any questions, are ready to schedule maintenance, or think that the time has come for air conditioning repairs, give the pros on our team a call today. Click here to learn more about our air conditioning services.


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