Is Your Heater Short Cycling? Here’s Why

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “short cycling,” it’s just an industry term used to describe the occurrence of your HVAC system starting, running for an extremely short amount of time, stopping, and then starting again soon after. This isn’t something that all homeowners notice happening right away, so make sure that you pay attention to your heating system this winter. It’s an incredibly common sign that your heater is starting to malfunction in a big way.

If you have this problem in your home, make sure that you contact a DFW metroplex heating contractor from our team. We’re the most reliable contractors in the area because we care so deeply about customer satisfaction. If you want fast, thorough service, contact our team and if you’d like to know why your heater short cycles then keeping reading below.

Improper Airflow

Improper airflow happens as a result of dirty air filters or blocked registers and vents throughout your home. You can ensure that you always have proper airflow throughout your home by regularly replacing your furnace filter (at least once a season) and making sure that nothing is blocking your vents or returns.

Thermostat Troubles

If you’re having thermostat trouble in your home then it directly impacts the quality of your heating system. You expect to have to update your furnace every ten or so years, but do you think about upgrading your thermostat? You should—especially now because thermostat technology is more advanced than ever. If you’re having trouble with the quality of heating in your home then it’s best to start with your thermostat because if this component of your home is off, the rest of your heating system will be too.

An Improperly Sized Heater

The problem that you’re having with your heater could stem from the size of your heater. Short cycling can happen because your furnace system is too big for your home. If the furnace is too big or over capacity for the space that it’s installed in, it uses too much energy and can cause an uneven distribution of heating in your home.


Another reason that your furnace system may start short cycling is that it’s turning itself off to prevent major damage. Restricted airflow within your furnace system is what causes overheating. When your furnace shuts off like this, it’s a last-ditch effort on your furnace’s behalf to prevent a major system breakdown.

Why It’s a Big Deal

So why is short cycling such a big deal? Well, short cycling puts a huge strain on your heating system. It’s extremely energy-efficient and it can cut years off the lifespan of your heating system. Although short cycling just seems like a minor annoyance, it’s a major issue that can really negatively impact the quality of the heating in your home. Make sure that you contact a heating contractor as soon as possible to have this problem addressed.

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February 11, 2019 | Categories: Heating

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