Having These Problems? You Need Furnace Repair

It’s getting cold here in Dallas and we’re sure you’ve turned on your heater by now to thaw out from the cold at home. You’ve also had time think about any problems you’ve noticed with your system. We know how tempting it is to brush off any minor furnace inconsistencies—you’re busy and don’t want to schedule repairs, you don’t want to shell out the money for them, or you just keep forgetting to call. We can assure you that it’s better to call our team for repairs. We’re diligent, experienced, and pride ourselves on providing quality services at the best prices possible. If you need furnace repair in all DFW metroplex we’ll help make the process painless. Unsure what problems constitute a need for repairs? Keep reading below.

Steadily Rising Heating Bills

Has your heating bill risen gradually over time? Don’t take this strain on your wallet as a minor inconvenience that you just have to deal with, it’s a problem that’s solved through the assistance of a professional. If you’re running your heater in your normal fashion but your bill doesn’t match this, it’s a sign that your heater has become inefficient over time. Inefficiency forces your furnace to work much harder to provide the level of heating you’re used to. You won’t notice the extra effort on the part of your furnace in your home, but you will notice on the part of your energy bill.

Dust, Dust, and More Dust

Do you seem to dust your home incessantly? Many homeowners do and rarely stop to think about the cause of this inconvenience. This problem’s root cause is a clogged furnace system. Take a close look at your vents when you switch on your heater—is there a large kick up of dust during the startup? Start by replacing your air filter and then have our professionals come out and tune-up your system to eliminate this dust.

Your Thermostat is High, But Your Comfort is Low

Do you dial up your thermostat to an unreasonably high temperature and still feel cold? You should be able to run your heater at a mild temperature and still remain comfortable in your home. This could be a problem on the part of your thermostat or on the part of your furnace. If it’s a problem with your thermostat, you’ll need one of our professionals to recalibrate your system so that your thermostat reading always reflects the actual temperature on your home. If it’s a problem on the part of your furnace, you’ll need to have the system tuned-up.

Odd Noises

A major sign that you should have repair services for your furnace system is odd noises. Are you hearing things like clicking, grating, or banging? These are all signs that something is off—this could be anything from a faulty blower to a loose part. Don’t try to DIY these problems, you should always employ the help of a professional. Our team will precisely diagnose these problems and take the right tactics to rectify these issues.

If you want furnace repairs that will keep you warm all winter contact CityLine Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment today.

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December 3, 2018 | Categories: Heating

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