Common Winter Heating Problems and What to Do About Them

When we get to this point in the winter season, you’re relying on the heater in your home more than ever to keep you and your family comfortable. While this is great as long as your heater can withstand the extra work, it becomes a problem when the constant usage highlights problems with your heating system.

There are a few common winter heating problems that homeowners start to see during this time of year. Some of them are less ostensible than others, so we’d like to underscore them here. If you’re having trouble with your heating system and need the best HVAC services in all DFW metroplex for your heater contact our team. We handpick our technicians so we can confidently say that all of them are smart, conscientious, and reliable.

Watch Out for This!

Watch out for these signs, if you do start to notice these things then you should make sure that you contact a professional sooner than later. While all of these symptoms are problems on their own, they’re also early warning signs that you have another big issue on your hands.

Odd Run Times

Do you notice that your heater seems to run for a long time? We’re talking for almost an hour or hours on end. The opposite end of this spectrum is experiencing “short cycling” or the problem where your heater only runs for a short amount of time but always turns on again very shortly after it turns off. Either way, you’re battling against a very frustrating and energy inefficient practice. You should call a professional to take a deeper dive into your system and determine what’s wrong.

Excess Dust

If you’re always busting out your vacuum or dusting off your tabletops you have a problem with the levels of dust in your home. This is pretty common here in Dallas homes and often a problem so benign that homeowners don’t even take note of it, but it’s a big problem. While high amounts of dust are annoying on their own, they also denote a problem with the efficacy and cycling of your heating system. Make sure to address these issues before you have a breakdown!

High Heating Bills

Does your heating bill make you gasp? If this is the problem you’re having then make sure that you address problems with high heating bills in your home sooner than later. An unexplainable spike in your heating bill is a clear sign that you’re having problems with your energy bills in your home. When you have high heating bills, then you might notice this issue coupled with other problems like peculiar noses and excess dust. A professional heating technician can rectify this problem quickly and efficiently.

Weird Noises

The only noise you should hear from your heating system is the sound of air moving through your vents and maybe the soft clicking noise of the system turning on. Any other noise is the sign of a problem. If you hear banging, rattling, or grating then make sure that you contact a professional.

If you want a smart team to service your HVAC system in Dallas, contact our team at CityLine Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment today.

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March 11, 2019 | Categories: Heating

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