Have You Been Changing Your Air Filter?

Hey, I’ve got a lot on my plate. A few minor details are bound to slip through the cracks, right? Well, sure. We suppose that this is true. However, you’ve made on serious mistake, and that is believing that changing the air filter in your air conditioning system is actually a “minor detail!” It may be simple. It may not take a lot of time out of the day. But keeping a fresh filter in your air conditioner in DFW metroplex is vital!

The standard air filter in an air conditioning system is typically going to need to be changed every 30-90 days. There are a lot of factors that can influence how frequently an air filter requires changing, which is why we say “typically.” The best thing to do is to check in on your filter each month and evaluate its condition yourself. So why are we making such a big deal out of this? Read on to learn about potential problems caused by dirty filters.

Do You Understand This Filter’s Function?

Well, yeah—to filter air! It seems obvious, mostly because it is. However, the fact that your air filter is filtering air does not mean that it is there to improve indoor air quality throughout your home. That is what more efficient, designated air filtration systems are used for. This standard filter is actually there in order to protect your air conditioning system itself.

How does it do so? It keeps pollutants from building up on vital components such as the evaporator coil, electrical connections, and so on. Allowing the filter to get very dirty restricts airflow, sometimes to the point that pollutants will bypass it and work their way between the filter and its frame.

So What Types of Problems Are We Looking At?

Reduced energy efficiency, for one. Imagine that you are blowing through a straw. No big deal, right? Now imagine that you’re blowing through a straw with an obstruction in the middle. Not enough to make forcing air past that obstruction impossible, mind you, but enough to really create some resistance. Noticeably more difficult, right?

The same is true with a clogged up air filter, meaning that your system is going to be using more energy than it should have to in order to force cooled air through the filter and throughout your home. That results in much higher cooling costs.

It also results in increased strain on the system. As always,  this increases the risk of operational damages. However, that is not the only threat to your system’s condition in this scenario. You could also reduce airflow to the point that your evaporator coil starts to freeze up. If the coil cannot absorb heat due to restricted airflow, the condensation on it can freeze. This makes the problem worse and ultimately can lead to overheating. Eventually, your system will likely suffer some damages. All because you overlooked how important that cheap little filter is!

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June 18, 2018 | Categories: Air Conditioning

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