Why Is My Home Cooling Down Unevenly?

Using a whole-house air conditioning system is a convenient, efficient, and effective alternative to loud window unit ACs that essentially force you to leave your home unsecured. At least, they should be. That doesn’t mean, unfortunately, that every homeowner is guaranteed to enjoy a flawless operation from the central air conditioning systems. The good news here is that all AC problems have solutions, provided that you’re working with the type of professional that really knows how to find them!

A common problem that many homeowners face with their air conditioning systems is that of uneven cooling. Because central air conditioners are designed to cool whole houses, running into even a single hot spot in one’s home can be really aggravating! Never tell yourself that this is unavoidable due to the design of your home or anything like that. Our professionals are here to diagnose your problem accurately and find the solutions that you need to enjoy great air conditioning in all DFW metroplex.

Has This Always Been a Problem?

If you have had a problem with cooling your home effectively for the entire time that you have had your current air conditioning system, then the problem could be that the air conditioner is of the wrong size for your home. Specifically, it may be too small for the space that you are trying to keep cool with it.  Unfortunately, there is not really much that can be done to resolve this problem, shy of replacing the system entirely.

That is why it is so important to ensure that you are working with professionals that you can trust when you have your new air conditioning system installed. Bigger is not always better, and you definitely don’t want to be investing in cooling power that you don’t need. A good technician will size your AC appropriately for your home so that it will run successfully.

Is It a Problem in the Winter?

No, not hot spots, but uneven temperatures in general. If so, you could have insufficient or degraded insulation to deal with. Remember, insulation is not just there for keeping heat in your house in the winter. It is also there for keeping heat out of the house in the summer.

Heat will naturally move from warmer areas to cooler ones, and that innate drive to balance temperatures can lead to heat gain in poorly insulated areas. That puts a lot of strain on your AC, forcing you to pay more for less comfort throughout the summer season.

You May Need Duct Sealing

Most homeowners use forced air central air conditioning systems, and that means that they use ductwork to distribute cooled air throughout their homes. If you are serious about getting the best that your AC has to offer, then you had better know for certain that your air ducts are in great working condition.

If not, then the area serviced by the compromised ductwork may wind up gaining heat that the duct picks up in its travels—not to mention pollutants that can compromise indoor air quality in the area. Having your ducts tested will tell you for sure if this is the case.

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July 30, 2018 | Categories: Air Conditioning

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