Is Your AC Losing Efficiency?

Temperatures are finally beginning to cool off here in Dallas and you should take this time to fix any lingering problems with your air conditioning system. If you’ve noticed that our hot temperatures have put your air conditioning system to the test, it might benefit you to contact a professional. Your air conditioner’s efficiency decreases overtime without the right maintenance, especially here in our Texas heat, so be mindful of any changes to how your system functions. If you need DFW metroplex air conditioning repair, you need the service of our efficient team here at CityLine Air Conditioning.

Signs That Your AC’s Efficiency is Dwindling

So how do you know if your air conditioning’s efficiency is decreasing? We’ve compiled a list of some warning signs.

Low Airflow

Typically, the most noticeable sign that your air conditioning’s efficiency is decreasing is low airflow. If you’ve noticed that air only seems to trickle from your vents rather than provide a steady stream of cool air, you’ll probably need some repairs. There are multiple things that could cause low airflow but one of the main reasons is dirty air ducts. When you skip out on routine HVAC maintenance, your air ducts accumulate dust, grime, and dirt which impedes airflow through your system.

Odd Noises

If you turn on your air conditioning and notice that the typical soft, unobtrusive noise of air flowing through your vents has escalated to more alarming sounds like rattling, clicking, grinding, or grating, then your system can benefit from the aid of a trained HVAC professional. Depending on what noise your system is emitting, a range of problems could cause your problem—from a malfunctioning thermostat to a failed compressor. The only way to be absolutely certain on the cause of your problem is to have a knowledgeable professional like the ones from our team assess your system.

High Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills had an unexpected increase although you’ve continued to run your air conditioning like you normally do, you can benefit from repairs. If you have an unwarranted spike in your energy bill it’s likely that your air conditioning is running inefficiently. When your air conditioning is inefficient, and you continue to cool your home, it forces your air conditioning to overcompensate to provide the same levels of cooling. Although this isn’t something you might notice in your daily life, it’s definitely something you’ll notice in your bills.

Why Now?

You might consider waiting until spring to fix any problems with your air conditioner because it’s fall. This is a bad idea when it comes to your HVAC system. You always want time on your side, so always choose to be proactive. Although it is fall, Dallas weather doesn’t always abide by seasons and we’ll probably experience hot, summer temperatures for a few more weeks. Ensuring that your system is in the best shape possible with repairs will help you avoid unnecessary expenses or a complete breakdown of your air conditioning system.

If you need reliable air conditioning repairs before temperatures cool down in Dallas, contact our team to schedule an appointment.

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October 8, 2018 | Categories: Air Conditioning

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