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If you live in all DFW metroplex, you need a heating and air conditioning system that’s as powerful as it is efficient, helping you to save money without reducing your level of comfort. To achieve this, you typically need a separate air conditioning and heating system. Although the furnace and central air conditioner share a blower fan, they use different components for heating and cooling. But with a heat pump, you get it all in one.

The same components used to cool your home are used to heat it with a heat pump. It’s also highly efficient and just as powerful as you need it to be all year round. Contact CityLine Air Conditioning to learn more about heat pump systems, or to schedule installationrepair, or maintenance in all DFW metroplex.

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What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a heating and cooling system in one. It uses refrigeration, something you may only associate with air conditioning. But refrigeration is actually a heat exchange process, using refrigerant (a chemical blend) to absorb heat from inside the home and move it outdoors. A heat pump simply allows for this process to reverse and absorb heat from the outside to move indoors.

You might be surprised to hear that this works even when it’s quite cold outside. In fact, it’s a highly efficient way to get heating, since so little energy is used to move heat when compared to heat generation via electricity. You save money on cooling and heating with a high–efficiency heat pump installation.

Beyond a Heat Pump: The Dual–Fuel System

Heat pumps do work in cold weather, but they can start to struggle to absorb any heat from the air once temperatures start to approach freezing, becoming less efficient and costing more to run. In cold temperatures, a gas furnace may be preferable, which is the reasoning behind the hybrid–heat dual–fuel system.

A dual fuel heat pump combines the efficiency of a heat pump with the reliability of a gas furnace. Electricity is used for cooling and heating until it is no longer the most efficient method, and then the “hybrid heat” function kicks in to automatically start up the gas furnace for savings and comfort.

Common Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps tend to require the same types of repairs that air conditioners do. What surprises many homeowners is to hear that the same problems affecting an air conditioner in the summer affect their heater in the winter.

For example, you may need to seal a refrigerant leak in the winter, as this is a necessary component in the heating process! Let our experts figure out just what your system needs by calling us for heat pump services in all DFW metroplex as soon as you notice a problem, big or small.

Maintain Your Heat Pump

Maintenance is important for any heat pump, new or old, hybrid or not. This is a tune–up and inspection that can help your heat pump to run more smoothly and efficiently throughout its lifespan. We recommend calling technicians to inspect and tune up your heat pump twice a year, in spring and in fall, since you use it in any weather.

We offer an excellent HVAC maintenance program to make this easier. We schedule your maintenance sessions for you and offer discounts on services throughout the year for members. Contact our team today for any heat pump service in all DFW metroplex!

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