Furnaces & Furnace Repair in all DFW metroplex

Are you searching for a local heating contractor who can help you with all of your furnace related needs? Whether you need an existing furnace repaired, or you’re interested in upgrading to a more efficient furnace, we’ve got you covered. 

We are a family-owned and operated company, serving all DFW metroplex area since 2005. We are familiar with all makes and models of heating systems and can install gas or electric furnaces. Contact our team for friendly service from people who treat you like family and do the work right.

Gas vs. Electric Furnaces

In our part of the country, either a gas or an electric furnace may be the perfect fit for your home. A gas furnace tends to be preferable. Gas furnaces connect to the clean–burning natural gas that runs to your home, running with little cost thanks to the generally low price of this fuel. Most homes can connect a gas furnace, but it’s not possible everywhere.

If you don’t have access to a natural gas line, an electric furnace might be a better fit. In fact, some people install electric furnaces even though they have gas lines, due to the electric heater’s low upfront cost and high safety ratings. Discuss your needs with a technician to learn what’s best for you!

Your New Furnace Installation or Furnace Replacement

After you’ve determined whether you need a gas or electric furnace, there is still work to be done in finding the right unit for your home. It must be just the right size for the house, as the wrong fit will cause short cycling or force your heater to work way harder than it should have to, and fail much sooner.

We recommend letting your technician handle all aspects of system sizing, and then choosing your preferred efficiency rating to find the right furnace for your home. That’s what our service professionals are here for!

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

So your furnace is not operating quite the way you want it to, but does this really mean you have to schedule repairs? Typically, it’s not worth it to wait. You might think you have some time before repairs become urgent, but the issue can only get worse!

We see too many furnace repairs spiral out of control or even become unsafe simply because a homeowner waited too long to call us for repairs. Contact our team today and make sure your furnace gets the service it needs when you notice…

  • Unusual sounds at operation.
  • Hard–starting or short–cycling.
  • Low temperatures or inconsistent temperatures.

Contact Our Team for Furnace Service

A furnace is a reliable system for whole-home heating, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never need service. Even furnaces that are used for so little of the year (like most furnaces in all DFW metroplex) still require routine tune-ups, the occasional heating repair, and, eventually, a replacement. You can get these services and more from the team at CityLine Air Conditioning.

You can prevent furnace repairs with our routine maintenance services, available in the fall or winter to fine–tune a furnace and help it run more efficiently. Our Healthy Air Conditioner Club even includes preferred customer discounts!

We are the team to call no matter what service you need. If it’s a quick furnace repair or a brand–new furnace in all DFW metroplex, we’re here to help! Contact our family–owned and operated business today.

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