AC Repair FAQ: Do I Have a Water Leak?

Have you noticed that there is a puddle of water around your air conditioning system? Chances are that this one really threw you for a loop, especially if you have a basic understanding of how your air conditioner actually cools your home—evaporating refrigerant to remove heat from the air, then condensing that refrigerant outside in order to release its heat. You’ll notice that nowhere in this process does water come into play.

So what is up with that puddle? Maybe my plumbing leaked and it just collected there? Well, it is entirely possible that the water did originate from your air conditioning system—though not in the traditional sense of a “leak” that you may be thinking. Today we’ll discuss some of the possible causes of this conundrum, as well as when you should contact us for air conditioning repairs in all DFW metroplex.

Your Air Conditioner Isn’t a Dehumidifier, but…

…it does dehumidify the air somewhat as it cools your home. It’s a byproduct of the cooling process. As heat is removed from the air, moisture from that air collects on the evaporator coil in the form of condensation. Now, that condensation can’t just sit there. Damp conditions like that can lead to a number of problems, including the promotion of biological pollutant growth. That is where the condensate drain assembly comes into play.

As the condensation pulled from the air drips off of the evaporator coil, it lands in a condensate drain pan. That pan drains via a condensate drain line, which serves to remove the moisture from your home. If that condensate drain pan is damaged, rusted, or misaligned, then you may see water collecting around the unit. We can replace that for you—though this is also one of those rare instances in which homeowners can solve the problem themselves, if so inclined.

You could also have a clog in your condensate drain, potentially caused by algal growth. If this is the case, putting some cleaner through the drain line—even a simple vinegar solution—may do the trick. If you can’t get it cleared out, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

It Could Also Be Ice Melting

Your air conditioner is not a freezer. It is not going to blow air so cold that it freezes moisture in your home. However, there are certain instances in which the cooling process is impeded, and the evaporator coil can get cold enough to freeze condensation. When it melts, it can prove too much for the drain assembly to handle.

A very dirty air filter, for instance, can restrict airflow to the point that the coil gets so cold. In that case, you need simply replace the air filter with a fresh, clean one. However, it could also be a much more serious problem, and one that we’ve talked about on our blog before: a refrigerant leak.

If your system is low on your refrigerant, it won’t be able to effectively remove heat from the air. That can cause the coil to freeze up. Because a refrigerant leak can do such serious damage to your air conditioner if not professionally resolved, you need to have this problem fixed and the air conditioner recharged. ASAP.

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May 21, 2018 | Categories: Air Conditioning

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